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How affective SSL is http vs https (focus on website security)

How affective SSL is http vs https (focus on website security)

These days, everyone is looking for the security of their website. As they know even a single vulnerability can infect the connected devices.  Business owners are rapidly embracing cybersecurity to ensure their data and consumer’s faith in their organization.

For an organization’s security is not only a matter of business continuity but as a matter of survival. So they started realizing the difference between HTTP vs HTTPS.

The websites use HTTP, but in the year 2014 Google recommended the websites to switch to HTTPS. Then only the e-commerce pages really took it seriously, to boost this Google announced that the HTTPS sites will get a minor ranking bump.

Now it becomes necessary why it is so important to switch over to HTTPS. Is it really important to switch? Will it affect your SEO efforts? To get the answer to this question you need to understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. It is important to understand the basics of HTTP and HTTPS.

What is HTTP?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol allows communication between different systems. It transfers the data from one web server to a browser that allows the users to see the web pages. This protocol was used for early web sites.

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure come into existence due to the problem HTTP was not encrypted means it can be easily stolen. HTTPS contains an extra layer of security by using SSL (secure sockets layers). This security layer creates a secure encrypted connection between a server and a web browser. It helps to protect your sensitive information from being stolen as it transfers between the server and the browser.

The Main difference between HTTP and HTTPS

  • SSL security certificate

The most important difference between the two is the SSL certificate. Basically, HTTPS is an HTTP with additional security. But the security is extremely important for a website as it contains the data from its users like credit/debit card information and passwords.

  • Translates the basic data into a code

In an HTTPS website, the SSL encrypts the information that users supply to the site. Its main function is to translate the basic data into a code. If some hacker tries to steal the data which is communicated between the sender and receiver, he would not be able to understand it due to its encryption.

  • Transport Layer Security

HTTPS  also secured via TLS that helps to provide data integrity. It prevents the transfer of data from being corrupted, modification and authentication, that proves your users are communicating on a safe website.

  • Usage

HTTP is used by websites like Internet forums, educational sites. As there is no secured access is required to visit these websites. For example Whereas HTTPS is required by the Banking Websites, Payment Gateway, Login Pages, Corporate Sector Websites. For example

Functions of SSL Certificate

It authenticates the identity of your website, protects your visitors from being redirected to fraudulent sites linked to malware or virus.

It secures your web site’s data via an encryption process by ensuring your customer’s sensitive info is safe from unauthorized connections.

The Benefits of switching to HTTPS from HTTP

  • Algorithm favors HTTPS sites

Around 40% of the websites are on the first page of Google are HTTPS. Google has confirmed that it favors HTTPS sites and it wants to ensure the best user experience to its users. In case your website is not secure, it could be getting outranked by similar sites that are HTTPS.

  • Builds trust among the visitors

HTTPS encrypts all communication, so the sensitive information, as well as browsing history, is also safe. Nobody will like to use your website in the absence of security as an insecure website can put their personal information into a risk. The secured website helps to build trust among your business customers.

  • Preserve Referrer data

HTTPS makes Google Analytics more effective. It is due to the security data of a website which is referred to save with the use of HTTPS. Whereas the HTTP sites referral sources just appear as direct traffic. It is the great advantage of an HTTPS for SEO in itself.

  • Create a great mobile experience

If you want to use Accelerated Mobile Pages, then you need HTTPS. As the AMP is created by Google to load the content onto mobile devices at a much faster speed. AMP is a kind of stripped down HTML. Creating a mobile-friendly website is important for you to increase the importance of mobile search ranking and local SEO.

  • Increased rate of conversation

A nontechnical user understands secure connections such as HTTPS websites. It simply increases the conversation rates on your website. After the new HTTP labeling of Google results in the larger conversation rates.

  • Updated browser labels

Google is updating the labeling for an HTTP site in Chrome’s URL bar with gray color information that tells a visitor the site is not secure.  For a plain website HTTP, Google mentions “Not Secure”. However a user might not understand the same technology, but likely feels the sense of unease, from seeing that label on the site they are browsing.


Both HTTP and HTTPS both are the hypertext document transferring protocol. HTTPS provides a secure way to transfer data from client to server and vice-versa on the internet. Deploying HTTPS not only increases the SEO ranking but also allows you to stay on good terms with Google. Even a nontechnical person understands the HTTPS is secure.

An HTTPs website is crucial when a customer is doing a monetary transaction like shopping through an e-commerce website. The buyer to make sure that his personal information like credit card or online banking details must be secured. The HTTPS URL do the same thing for you it assures that transactions must be safe.

The browser enforces slightly higher security policy for an HTTPS to reduce the opportunities for the client. Increase your RO, improve the SEO ranking, turn your visitor into a potential customer convert your HTTP to HTTPS today!

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