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choose web-hosting carefully

Choosing a web hosting service from the very best wordpress hosting companies is always a difficult task as we have to decide the one that works best for us out of all. We have to look for many aspects and altogether makes it a choice though. So how do you feel if someone make this task easier? So here I am with a comprehensive guide on how to choose web hosting server with 10+ important points to choose a web hosting carefully.

  1. Know Your Hosting Needs

To get the best hosting first to know your needs and add your own idea. Put everything inside and first consider what your actual needs are like the type of website you build, common things like WordPress blog, specific script support, special software, web traffic volume, etc.

Think 12 months ahead for the site and look for what you want to offer as well as what you need. Look for the simple fact that what are the resources that your website needed and yes, the size of the website also matters. For example, an e-commerce website needs a dedicated server to manage large volume and traffic.

If you are a novice, then start with shared hosting as they are cheap and easy to maintain. And you don’t have to bother about maintaining the database and server security.

  • Server Reliability / Uptime Scores

The most important thing for any site is 24×7 operating web host as the visitors can visit it at any time across all time zones, so you need a stable host and good network connection with 99.95% uptime. To get an idea about it, go through the customer reviews, or track the web host server with a server monitoring tool.

  • Server Upgrading Options:

Shared hosts are in demand and powerful as well. It can support a WordPress blog with 30k to 40k monthly visitors. Most of the time database connections work on the server so when more people connect to the website at the same time; it affects the performance.  As long as you don’t have to manage the database connection, then shared hosting is a good option. But if you think your site will grow in the next few years then pick the host that gives you a chance to grow with better upgrades and plans.  These upgrades are from shared hosting to a dedicated server or VPS for greater memory capacity, processing power, disk storage, and enhanced security features.

  • Multiple Addon Domains

Domains are not costly, so there is nothing wrong to get more than one. According to a survey, 80% of the people who own hosting have more than five domains, and the rest of 20% have more than 50! So to manage these extras, they need extra space, and hence it is important to pick the host that support multiple domains.

  • Signup vs. Renewal Price

During signup, the hosting deals are usually cheaper, but it costs too much at the time of renewal. So always aware of a discounted sign up price. Always check the ToS to avoid unpleasant surprises and also check up the renewal rates before signup.

  • Refund Policy & Free Trial Period

When you pick the trial version, you might have questions like can I cancel a plan within the trial period? Or company have cash back policy? Or are they charges for cancellation? And you hence you have to know more about the hosting provider before you sign up for a free trial or pick any plan. So if things are not as per you imagine, you don’t lose more money.

Some hosting companies charge absurdly high cancellation fees so avoid such companies at any cost. Pick the one who provides money back guarantee even after the trial period is over.

  • Essential Features:

Almost all hosting providers give features like file management and site stats but along with it also look for a one-click installer, FTP/SFTP, and DNS management. Also, look for a file manager that can access the .htaccess file.

One-click Installer:

It comes in various types like Simple Script or Softalucous.

FTP / SFTP Access for Better security:

It is valuable for moving large amounts of files safely. It uses for security propose and some host only provide file manager which is limited so look for both access.

.htaccess File Access:

Now this one is quite important to make administrative changes in the site. It has the power to control everything from a redirect to authentication of the password so in future it will be vital.

  • e-Commerce Features

If you think to design and develop an e-commerce website with a specific shopping cart or need business transaction on the website r technical support, then you must have to pick the hosting service that supports e-commerce features. Some special feature includes SSL certification, one-click shopping cart, dedicated IP, and software installation. It helps you to reach a better local SEO rank.

  • Control Panel

Control panel is a hub for all your activities, so a user-friendly control panel with thorough functionality is essential to host your account.

  • Environmental Friendliness:

For some webmasters, an eco-friendly website host is a primary concern. As per studies, a web server can produce 630 kg of carbon dioxide! And on the other hand, a green host produces 0 carbon dioxide.

  • Subscription Period:

Some web host forces the customers to pick a long period, but the main concern should one have to commit to long term hosting contracts? The answer is bog no more than a year or two until and unless it provides money back guarantees.

  • Site Backup:

Equipment fails, computers crash and some other factors like a hacker can get into your site and change the index.php file or nuked the entire database. There is nothing to worry if the host takes regular backup of the site in no time. So always look for the backup otherwise do not pick the service.

  • Live Chat or Telephone Support

According to me, prefer the company that provides support live chat over the phone or email with comprehensive documentation in case if you face any problem. In short, we all want that our site never crashes when people are looking for it, and hence we all want to support that works like S.O.S. button.

So with it, we end up the article. Hopefully, it is informative to you. Thank you!

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