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Will I be able to make it ?

Now, I can make it, but I want you guys to make it and it’s my guarantee with this video. after watching the complete video not me but you’ll make websites in 5 minutes.

Whenever any person claims a bigger challenge with me.
that I can lift 150 kg or 500 kg or I can do this or that then, I say

you are an expert and can do it, but can I do ?
In this video, I am telling you that you can make under 5 minutes

only in 5 minutes not even a more seconds. The websites will be completely made in under 5 minute.
Actually, recently, there’s a requirement in which I’ve to make a website and deliver quickly. top of that, I’ve extra work that I’m already doing but he told me

that bro make this and I’ve to make and I’ll tell you the complete story.
we’ll make a website that will be responsive and have a great UI that can be usable in phone,tablet or in width screen.
we’ll make not only one site you can also customise by your needs.
If you want button or header up, below or side.
Then you can customise on the basis of that website.
I’ll make one version and I’ll told you step by step I’ll make websites but then it may take more than 5 min

It’s guarantee that when the video get completely watched then you’ll make websites under 5 min.
Before starting this video I want you to give like and told me in comment box.

this video is helpful or not then I’ll came with more techniques.
By the way we start this ninja technique and let’s go in the computer screen and will start coding.

how it was started why I made a website under 5 min.
And actually what happen that my good friend called me and told me that he have a cousin.
he wants the website till evening.
he called me in noon and he wants the website till evening with deployment.
It’s possible but I can’t do it bcoz I’d already work.
Then he told me that he’d a store and he wants a website to advertise the store. after that if he didn’t got the website till evening then he’ll get in loss
Bcoz he wants to sell many products and he was my good friend. And his cousin was ready to pay whatever you want.
Then I say OK I’ll do that after saving a time. After that
I removed that idea and in fact It was the part of my experience and I’d an experience So, how I made an websites in certain time this will told you today.I didn’t used bootstrap I used tailwind and css.

And ditch and I made this code, I will not say that,

all these things should also come, all these things are time consuming things
You may not be able to put JavaScript in it, people who tell that only learn this, it will be less like this, the backend is missing in this submit.

Where will the data go, the backend will be there for that then the complexity will increase

If you want to make a video calling or chatting app, then it will become a little bit of a tailwind.
So many prototype designs quickly this was required in my case I’d to deliver to my client.

Immediately I was saying take money, take whatever money but plz give a website quickly then in those situations You guys can do that, it doesn’t just apply to tailwind or css, it is different.
If you can depend on individual domains,

I would suggest that such things are important and looking at the website Exploring Tail Blocks. And I want it to look at the component and I guarantee that whatever prototype section you want to build Youll find it here Select this type of block category or block post Learn more You want this to be a contact page or content You can explore them, then look here call to action, many things are given in it

like if you want to install an app on your own.
What’s more, like someone is building an e-commerce store or add image
how many things you have, then the possibilities are endless

it’s a wonderful thing: in the least amount of time you can do more and more
and look at this component, whatever you’re thinking.

Yes, you will get it with that I want to tell you one more thing
That web development is a different thing in itself and copy paste
Web development is not and never will be a replacement, at least in the coming days, It’ll in the coming years and, not be able to find after 100 200 500 years
But now in the coming years you have to learn coding you have to work on your JavaScript skills, CSS and HTML, work on them.You have also given a lot of good footer, if you want

you can put a footer by simply copying it, and then only here by clipboard. But let me paste it as much as there is no tension here and look, the footer will be addedif I want, I can also remove it, this is a category thing.
Now to do this, you need some JavaScript and know that

this dev class is equal to flex flex ref, Youll do all this. That’s all you will get, if it is a lower medal then you need so much footer,you can apply so much,, but my point is that

It’ll help to prototype quickly and not a web development replacement so not at all: that’s why I would like to
If you haven’t used a web development course then access it.
it’s free video with source code on youtube which describes files from time to time You people will get everything here I’ve made a project, at the end I’ve made a complete responsive website and have shown it by creating a chat app Using whatever we’ve learned the concept and how to post on getupthe website

I’ve told everything, I haven’t skipped anything like hosting.
With no step skip may take time but you can’t say it’s not in this course
that it was very important but till I’ve made it then hope you guys will access You must do bookmark and save by clicking here, I can say with guarantee

that if you guys have seen the full course, if you guys like this idea then like the video

and for now i thank you very much for watching this video And I’ll see you next time…