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Web Development Company India

Modern online apps should deliver a user experience similar to that of a native application on the web.

  • In the age of fast SPAs and PWAs, sluggish load times and latency have no place.
  • The more robust and responsive your app is the greater your competitive advantage in this crowded industry.
  • As an experienced web development firm, we provide web application development services that elevate the quality of your web-based solutions.
  • We are a group of expert developers and designers using Agile and Scrum to create online apps geared for expansion.
  • Our expertise in web development includes the creation of SPAs, PWAs, enterprise portals, e-commerce portals, bespoke web apps, large-scale websites, online tools, and SaaS solutions that meet your end-users and business requirements.
  • In the previous seven years, we have delivered 125 or more projects to 68 or more customers from 26 different countries, and the number continues to grow!
  • Services for creating Web applications
  • Tailored Web Application
  • Frequently, a standard off-the-shelf online solution may not meet the specific company’s needs.
  • When this occurs, specialized web development is essential for optimum outcomes.
  • We assist you in developing web applications suited to your business’s particular requirements.
  • We create contextual UI/UX for enhanced usability, choose the optimal architecture for optimal performance, and develop bespoke code to integrate your complicated and unique business logic into your web application.

Ecommerce Development

  • Our e-commerce development gives you much more than a simple platform for buying and selling.
  • We concentrate on developing retail store solutions that encourage consumer engagement and retention.
  • Visual try-on, tailored recommendations, push alerts, conversational marketing (live chat, chatbots), and an admin panel are just a few of the cutting-edge features your retail e-commerce website will get.
  • In addition to integrating and customizing third-party technologies for inventory management, supply chain management, shipping and order management, marketing, accounting, and other administrative functions, we facilitate the operation of your firm.
  • Our e-commerce platforms also provide a great degree of scalability.
  • We install your solutions on scalable servers and configure them with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to accommodate the increased traffic load and decrease latency.
  • Our eCommerce development brings a fully-fledged in-store experience directly to your client’s mobile device screens.

Mobile Backend Development

  • We recognize the importance of an effective and feature-rich backend for the success of a mobile application, which is why the mobile backends we design are not only high-performance but also include capabilities that facilitate application maintenance.
  • We created unique APIs, developed your business logic, and integrated administrative tools to provide you with more control over your mobile application.
  • Our backend includes advanced admin capabilities such as monitoring and analytics tools for analyzing company and app KPIs, mobile user management tools such as the setup of push notifications, surveys, app promotion, geolocation, and other admin tools for content and data management.
  • All of your mobile backend requirements are met, allowing you to concentrate on strengthening the front and business of your application.

Enterprise App Development

  • We design enterprise-level applications that need extensive expertise, research, a creative strategy, and cutting-edge technology.
  • Simply said, we design large-scale apps for enormous corporations.
  • Whether it’s functionality, development standards, or the development process, enterprise apps need more.
  • Our web development team provides the necessary security, coding standards, effective project management, and scalable infrastructure for these online applications.
  • We design enterprise-level web apps using the Agile technique and use project management tools such as Jira to improve efficiency.
  • We also adhere to the finest security techniques – Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) – and deployment practices – continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and automated testing.
  • On popular servers like AWS and Google, we installed auto-scaling and monitoring technologies (Amazon CloudWatch) for application monitoring and scalability.
  • For projects with a well-defined and fixed scope, we use the iterative waterfall technique, which supports a linear development strategy.
  • This technique is preferred over the classic waterfall method since it gives you a clear picture of what your project will look like from the beginning, as well as the freedom to make modifications afterward.

How does it work?

  • When you provide us with your project’s specifications, our Business Analyst, with the assistance of our technical team, will give you a high-level estimate within one to two business days.
  • If you deem the estimate to be accurate, we will provide you with a full Statement of Work (SOW) that outlines the deliverables, activities required to complete them, the project’s timetable, and cost per job.
  • Once evaluated and accepted by you, we will split the tasks into distinct milestones with their respective dates and begin their execution, followed by quality testing and user acceptability testing.
  • It is then sent to you for comment, and after any necessary adjustments (if any) have been made, a milestone is considered to have been achieved.
  • Payment for such work is paid after each milestone is reached.

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