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Live Chat Support –available free live chat

Live chat support offers a business to chat in real time with the visitor of the website. This support is provided by a visitor for its queries. Generally, the live application is provided for real-time visitor monitoring, invisible traffic analysis, website integration, and secured administration control.

Live chat is crucial when it comes to brand as it allows customers to get in touch with the seller or the service provider. It is helpful to increase customer satisfaction and when you are providing additional benefits to a customer.

Basically, a live chat is an instant messenger with a professional twist. You will answer quickly and accurately and the customer even doesn’t bother while it’s happening. It means it does take much time to do this.

Simply we can say it is the most dynamic method to connect to your customer.

How live chat helps your business?

  • Return on investment

As per the study live chat for sales given 305% return on investment over a period of six-month. It is really an impressive return considering an application like live chat which is easy to use. Although this revenue will not even taking a huge headache.

It also saves the expenses of equipment and manpower. A single customer support agent can handle the multiple chats at once. This is a great option for the customer who doesn’t want to spend time on a phone call or wait for an email.

Connecting to live chat is easy and increases the chances of buying your product as compared to those businesses who are connected through other communication channels.

  • Expand market reach

The reach of your business may be limited to the area as its hard to reach the customers who live at greater distances. Having a website doesn’t mean that all customers feel comfortable to place an order for you.

Having live chat support ensures that a customer is being able to contact you easily to make purchase inquiries. Even an international customer reaches you, through live chat easily as compared to a phone call.

Live chat is done in a sophisticated monitoring and tracking features which alerts your agents of new and recurring website visitors.

  • Provides an edge over competitors

The internet is a highly competitive landscape. There are a large number of businesses who are still not utilizing the live chat support software. As per the data out of 1000 online businesses, only 9% implements the live chat support.

On the other hand, the customers’ usage of live chat support has increased from 38% to 58%. Providing an edge to your competitors makes you a more desirable choice. It is vital to implement in more businesses in the future.

By the year 2020, the market is predicted to further increase to $819.2 million. It means that more and more users are considering live chat software a highly preferred customer digital engagement channel.

  • Customer’s convenience

The customer is a king and its convenience is the first priority. The customer who had a bad experience on a website is less likely to return and its almost guarantee that it will not visit again.

Obviously, having a bad online experience could cause due to lots of different things. Out of these things, one of the biggest is the inability to find a simple and fast way to connect to the company.

Once a customer contacts your company they still expect convenience and ease. This convenience in the form of response time, sending documents, etc. really makes your customer experience great.

  • Feedback from customers

Most live chat applications contain a built-in customer survey. These surveys often presented immediately following by a chat. These have a high rate of response as the customer is already engaged with your website.

Customer feedback is crucial, it is helpful all the time. But a live chat survey is valuable due to the data easily reported and analyzed via live chat application software.

  • Reports and Analytics

Live chat is not limited to, the customer’s point of view, you can check the performance of your staff as well. Using email support you can record the messages sent between you and your customers. It provides a limited degree of accountability as well as the ability to review your manpower.

It is difficult to review staff performance by listening to all calls and time to listen to at least a single conversation. Whereas a live chat provides you the ability to view all sorts of customer reports and chat histories of all your agents.

You can easily access the visitor data with the access to chat histories, agent performance reports etc.

What are the requirements to implement live chat?

Implementing a live chat is an easy venture. But there are some minimum requirements which you need to fulfill.

  • Server requirement

Now a day most live chats are cloud-based and hosted by a chat company. So your organization’s server plays a little role and there is no specific requirement for hardware.

In case you want to utilize the application which is directly installed on your server, your requirements may vary.

  • Visitor requirement

Make sure that your customer can access the chat tool as all popular operating systems are supported by it. An updated browser provides the best experience in this case as it works for mobile customers. Keep in mind the most popular browser can interact with live chat applications.

  • Agent requirements

Like visitors, agents also require an updated browser to view the interaction of live chat. The agents handling the chat through mobile devices ensure that the device is using the most updated mobile browsers for its operating system.

  • System requirements

If you are going for a video and audio capabilities offered by many chat applications. All popular systems support, but the older browser has some issues his type of chat. It is important that the visitor and agent are also using the most updated versions of their browser.

To increase the sale for your business, you should not ignore the live chat software. It not only gives faster access support but also helpful in their purchase process.

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